Tuesday, December 5

Workout recovery diet: 5 foods to eat if you’ve recently started working out

Just started working out? You may need to change your diet. 

Express.co.uk chatted to professional footballer, functional nutrition expert and founder of The Turmeric Co, Hal Robson-Kanu to find out which five foods you should incorporate into your diet to boost your performance and speed up your recovery if you’ve started exercising.

If you’re new to working out, you’ll probably have noticed how different foods fuel your workouts better than others.

Hal said: “Diet has a very important role to play in fuelling athletic performance and improving physical recovery.

“Not all foods are equal, so making the right choices can give you a huge advantage in these areas.

“Understanding the benefits of certain nutrients, minerals and vitamins can make a world of difference to your workouts!”

Not sure where to start? Thomas has revealed the five foods to work into your diet to improve your energy and recovery.

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