Tuesday, December 5

Harnessing Australia’s Powerful Botanicals — chatting with the brothers behind Noelle Australia

Leung brothers, Kevin and Arnold, discuss the trip that inspired them to found the skin care and spa brand Noelle Australia and their journey to create the best skin and scent products with the country’s powerful natives. 

Can you tell us about Noelle Australia and how it all began?

Noelle Australia is a carefully curated collection of skincare products rooted in self-care and inspired by the natural beauty of Australia. Technically, Noelle came from an awe-inspiring road trip around Australia, but our story began well before that.

We are Kevin and Arnold Leung, the brains and brothers behind Noelle Australia. Our father was a biochemist and ran a cosmetic laboratory for over 30 years so we grew up influenced by his work with ingredients and cosmetic formulas.

After we graduated from UNSW (Kevin’s area of study was accounting and finance and Arnold’s was industrial design), we started a cosmetic consulting company with our father’s guidance.

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