Monday, May 20

These 5 natural mosquito bite remedies will leave you itch-free

It’s mosquito season, and dealing with itchy bites is always a big nuisance.

If you’re in a pinch or not a fan of over-the-counter bug bite treatments, you may want to try these five natural mosquito bite remedies. You’ll likely have these common household items in your fridge or pantry already. So there’s no need to hit up the pharmacy when you’ve got a house packed with mosquito bite-busting ingredients.

Watch In The Know’s Phoebe Zaslav give the rundown on these DIY mosquito bite hacks.

“Mosquito bites are no fun, and using too much calamine lotion can be harmful to your skin in the long run,” Phoebe explains.

1. Basil

Turns out basil is more than just a great pasta seasoning.

“Studies suggest that a chemical compound in basil called eugenol can help relieve itchy skin,” she says.

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