Tuesday, December 5

These New Sensitive-Skin Friendly Launches Prove Botanicals Can Work for All Complexions

For people with sensitive skin, botanical ingredients have long been considered a big no-no. Because many of the most commonly used plants and flowers on the market can cause irritation, those with reactive complexions have been conditioned to simply stay away from them. “Botanicals have gotten a bad rap for a very long time,” says Tata Harper, founder of Tata Harper Skincare. “But what I’ve come to realize is that people with reactive skin are afraid to try anything that they consider too powerful, and they end up with a very simple routine that tends to be quite synthetic.” Thanks to innovation from Harper and others in the skin-care space, though, there’s a new crop of sensitive-skin friendly botanicals that are about to turn that “bad rap” around. 

First up, let’s address why botanical ingredients have long been considered public enemy number one for those prone to irritation.

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