Tuesday, June 18

Zero-proof drinks movement spurs botanicals usage, says Kerry

As last year’s sober-curious, zero-proof alcohol movement took off, with some consumers seeking to cut down their alcohol consumption, global ingredient supplier Kerry experienced a surge in demand for its Botanical Collection ZERO portfolio of distillate, ethanol-free botanical extracts.

Kerry, which over the years has sourced over 900 raw botanicals to develop a wide variety of extracts for use in food and beverage products (its current Simply Nature portfolio includes more than 120 botanical extracts available for commercial use), says its Botanicals Collection Zero portfolio (launched in June 2020), has captured a growing number of consumers seeking to cut down on alcohol consumption, but who were also craving the same taste profile of their favorite libation.

According to Kerry, the global low- to no-alcohol market registered a 41% sales increase over the period 2015-2021, and botanical extracts in alcohol is currently a $500m market, growing at 9% annually.

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