Tuesday, December 5

Parkinson’s disease could be treated with natural food ingredients – study

Researchers have found that sesaminol, “purified from industrial sesame seed by-product,” can be used to prevent the onset of Parkinson’s disease, Osaka City University (OCU) announced late last month.

The Japan-based research group said that while there is no cure-all for Parkinson’s, the preventative treatment could be used to prevent neuronal damage that would decrease the production of dopamine.

In vitro studies have already shown that sesaminol has a number of beneficial factors when it comes to handling oxidative stress, and in vivo experiments have shown that a steady portion of the sesame by-product in a person’s diet increase the production of dopamine and motor function capabilities, according to the university.

“Currently there is no preventive medicine for Parkinson’s disease,” OCU Associate Prof. Akiko Kojima-Yuasa said in a statement. “We only have coping treatments.”

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