Monday, July 22

My Upbringing Introduced Me to the Healing Power of Natural Home Remedies

No matter how big or small the ailment, someone in my family always has a remedy for it.

As a child, at the first possible sign of a sore throat, my mother would bring water to a boil, pour it into a mug, add vinegar and salt, then, when warm, have me gargle the mixture. She used a similar saltwater cocktail when I lost my first tooth. I swished the warm concoction around the gummy space that once held my tooth to stop the bleeding and help the area heal. If I had a cough, she’d slice a lemon, squeeze the juice from each slice into a mug, warm it up, and add a dollop of honey. The tart, sweet, mix helped soothe my throat and chest while breaking down any mucous.

Though I didn’t realize it while growing up, these remedies were evidence that wellness was always within reach.