Friday, June 9

The food myths my friends believe that drive me crazy

Food myths are plentiful, and it’s unsurprising we get roped into believing them when they’re packaged up into interesting and relatable bitesize ‘facts’ on blogs and social media. I’m not referring to harmless myths, like carrots help you see in the dark or chocolate is an aphrodisiac. It’s the myths that have a bigger effect on our daily diet – and that often have a grain of truth to them – that seem to really take hold.

When did you last hear that natural sugars are healthy, that it’s important to drink protein shakes if you exercise, or that bloating means you’re almost certainly gluten-intolerant? I studied nutrition at uni, so most of the time I can separate fact from fiction (though I’m not judging – I’m renown for believing everything friends tell me). Here are the myths I hear most often…

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