Monday, May 20

New wellness trend celebs like Fearne Cotton love teaches you to ‘breathe better’

You might think breathing is a simple case of in, out, in, out – so easy we do it automatically.

However, a new wellbeing trend – with celebrity devotees including Fearne Cotton, Naomie Harris and Kate Hudson – claims that paying attention to how we breathe can transform our health.

“It’s game-changing. I’ve been visiting a coach for breathwork for a long time and I get so much out of it,” says Fearne.

Good breathing can improve mood, reduce stress and boost energy, as well as helping with health conditions such as asthma and sleep apnea.

And best of all, you can do it anywhere, and it costs nothing.

Being mindful of your breath is an excellent habit to get into.

“Everybody knows how much food and water they should be consuming on a daily basis but very few people think about the quantity of air they breathe,” says breathing expert Tim Ives, author of LipZip: Breathe Better to Live Better.