Tuesday, June 18

Can natural remedies help combat symptoms of the menopause?

When I was pregnant with my first child, there would scarcely have been enough hours in the day to accommodate all of the magazines, supplements, appointments, support groups and antenatal exercises that society suddenly proffered.

Yet as Rebekah Brown, founder of MPowder, points out: “We don’t all choose to be mothers – but we are bound together by menopause because we all go through it.”

Despite this, the years between fertility and fertiliser remain largely unrepresented – although online platforms are pioneering change in this area. In the health arena too, this universal phase of women’s lives has only recently begun to be recognised – indeed, this October 18th marks just 11 years since the first World Menopause Day.

With more conversation around the subject, a number of supplements aimed at alleviating those mid-life symptoms have entered the market. At Holland & Barrett, sales of these are up by a year-on-year average of 10 per cent.

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