Friday, June 9

Natural health: Remedies to help improve concentration without affecting sleep

Megan Sheppard recommends yerba mate to improve concentration and has advice on recovering from a cracked rib.

Q1. I’m working from home and finding it difficult to concentrate, particularly during the afternoons. Is there a natural remedy I could take?

A. One of my favourite natural remedies to help improve concentration is the South American tea, yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis). Yerba mate contains a number of nutrients, but the key ingredient is a xanthine alkaloid called mateine, which acts to stimulate the brain — much like caffeine, but without impacting the nervous system or interfering with sleep.

This is popular with students not only to help improve concentration, but also to aid with understanding, recall, and clear thinking, support immune health, and ease depressive moods. Bodybuilders also use yerba mate to help with tone and stamina, since this tea supports the delivery of oxygen to the heart and muscles.

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