Friday, June 9

Have your cake and eat it too, so long as they’re GMO: 5 Reasons GMO should be on your shopping list

Impossible Burger is a household name best recognized for its successful introduction of a plant-based burger that “bleeds” and has no animal hormones or antibiotics. But, there is another notable “first” for Impossible Burger—it is the first product in stores to adopt the new USDA-approved “bioengineered” GMO (genetically modified organism) product label that will soon be federally-mandated. This puts a spotlight on a major debate: the safety of GMO products.  

While there have been no proven documented cases of GMOs causing harm in humans or animals, numerous studies show that consumers generally don’t understand or lack familiarity with GMOs and are decidedly wary to try products that are genetically engineered. 

For example, the pro-GMO organization GMO Answers found that 70% of adults don’t really know what GMOs are, and less than a third are comfortable having GMOs in their food.

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