Wednesday, December 6

Hair loss treatment: The herbal supplement proven to promote hair growth

HAIR LOSS can be hereditary, it could be to do with increasing age or nutritional deficiencies. Whatever the root cause, this herbal supplement has been proven to promote hair growth.

Hair loss is part of the natural hair growth cycle. However, too much of it and you’ll start to notice. Here’s one supplement shown to promote hair growth.

The hair cycle

Hair loss and hair thinning occur when the growth cycle – consisting of three stages: anagen, telogen and catagen – is disrupted.


The anagen phase is the growing period of a hair follicle. Typically, the hair grows around half an inch a month.

On average, the anagen phase can last between three to five years. If left to continue growing, the hair can reach between 18 to 30 inches long.

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