Sunday, December 3

Do you need breathing lessons? Ancient techniques are this year’s hottest wellness trend

Take a deep breath in. It’s a command we all hear at times of stress. Somehow we know that, when harnessed correctly, breathing has amazing curative, calming powers. Yet how we each do it varies greatly, and with wildly differing results.

In the past three months, how we inhale and exhale has been the subject of breathless discussion. If anything, Covid-19’s affect on the respiratory system has highlighted how uncertain many of us are about how we should be breathing, in spite of the fact that each day we breathe 25,000 times, take in 30lbs of air into our lungs and consume about 1.7lbs of oxygen.

Could you be in need of breathing lessons? J K Rowling certainly thought we could all benefit from a few pointers: she shared a video by Dr Sarfaraz Munshi, showing a breathing technique to help recover from coronavirus symptoms….

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