Sunday, December 3

Plant-Based Popularity is Making Better-For-You Botanicals Bigger Than Ever

The opening of this decade is witnessing strong demand for botanicals that target better mood and active lifestyle. The most popular botanical ingredients could be called “experiential,” designed to help bring us up, bring us down, calm us, vitalize us, and help us focus so we can work better.

Other botanicals work to “Zen us out” so we can meditate better, relax us so we can sleep better, and stimulate more energy so we can endure the day and exercise better. Overall, these natural ingredients are applied to make us generally feel better so we can live our best lives.

A few brands are leading this movement, and their primary ingredients highlight the top types of botanicals for 2020. One such brand, the Four Sigmatic Co., exemplifies this trend via its line of mushroom coffees…

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