Tuesday, December 5

Wellness Experts Share The Self-Care Tactics They’re Relying On During COVID-19

As a dietitian and health coach, navigating my own self-care—and how to talk about it—during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a balancing act. I’ve written before about finding that right place for yourself of sharing without oversharing personal details in your work life, and this experience has been a refresher in the importance of that pre-post gut check. I’ve been sharing a lot of what’s working for me while sheltering in place: meditation, at-home workouts, balanced meals, letting my cats be my alarm clock…I’m also acknowledging that I have my struggles and am taking a lot of my own stress management advice.

I reached out to some friends and colleagues in the wellness world about the self-care tactics they are relying on and recommending to their patients and clients during this time. Here’s what they had to share.

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