Friday, February 3

Garden Remedies, a peek behind the curtain

Tucked miles away from Newton in Fitchburg sits Garden Remedies Inc., a massive building that looks like any run of the mill office to the untrained eye. Yet inside sit rows upon rows of cannabis plants and a state-of-the-art lab that are key to daily operations.

Garden Remedies is currently the only operating dispensary in Newton, but probably not many know much about the operations of a marijuana dispensary. Where exactly is all of the product coming from? Is it safe? What is Garden Remedies doing for the community in Newton?

Sourced directly from its growing facility in Fitchburg is the dried cannabis, oil for vape pens, and edibles. Garden Remedies practices vertical integration, meaning that the company can oversee the growing, producing, shipping, and selling. Vertical integration gives Garden Remedies complete control over its business.

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