Wednesday, December 6

Study outlines concerns around natural psychoactive substances

People have been using natural psychoactive substances like kratom for hundrends, or even thousands, of years in traditional medicine and as a part of spiritual practices.

Because these substances come from sources such as plants and mushrooms, many people believe them to be safe to use.

However, because they interfere with biological processes in the central nervous system, they can be a threat to human health. These interferences can also cause euphoria and altered states of consciousness.

For these reasons, many people are now using natural psychoactive substances for recreational purposes.

New research has studied trends in the number of people in the United States who reported adverse reactions as a result of exposure to psychoactive substances during 2000–2017.

The Center for Injury Research and Policy at the Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, OH, collaborated with the Ohio State University College of Medicine, also in Columbus, to conduct this study.

Read more at Medical News Today.

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