Monday, July 22

5 Natural Homeopathic Remedies For Toothache

Toothache is something that cannot be ignored. Even if you try hard to do so, the unbearable pain won’t let you live peacefully. The condition does not only make it difficult for you to eat but also makes it tough to talk or concentrate on any other work.

However, the reasons might differ from one another. It can be due to tooth decay, swollen gums or tooth extraction. Here are 5 natural homeopathic remedies that work well on toothache:

Plantago: For toothache and sensitive teeth

Plantago works well on both toothache and sensitive tooth. This is given to people with increased salivation in their mouth along with toothache.

Silicea: For toothache from abscess of the root of teeth

This is the best Homeopathic remedy for toothache caused due to abscess (collection of pus) in the root of teeth.

Staphysagria: For toothache when eating or drinking

This natural Homeopathic medicine is effective to treat sensitive teeth. A homeopathic practitioner recommends this medicine when the reason behind the toothache is any food or drink.

Merc Sol: For toothache with excess saliva and bad mouth odour

Merc Sol is the best when the patient is experiencing profuse saliva in the mouth and has a bad mouth odour.

Arnica : For toothache after extraction and filling procedure

It is used to treat pain in gums following tooth extraction and soreness in gums that occurs after filling of teeth.

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