Friday, June 9

Kratom: It’s legal in Michigan and people are using it to get high. Here’s what to know

Users hail kratom — which is sold at gas stations, smoke shops and online —as a miracle cure for pain, fatigue, anxiety and even opioid addiction.

But many doctors say kratom (pronounced KRAY-tum or KRAH-tum) is dangerous because it works like an opioid, can make users high and can also be habit-forming. Plus, experts say, there’s no real scientific proof it can cure anything.

The federal government agrees. In May, a federal judge sentenced a Royal Oak man to two years in prison for illegally importing kratom — he claimed it was incense — and selling it as a medical treatment.

And last week the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued warnings to two kratom distributors who made such claims.

Read more at Detroit Free Press.

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