Tuesday, June 18

Kratom touted as ‘cure all’ by users seeking alternative to opioids, despite DEA concerns

For nearly 20 years, opioids ruled Anthony Padgett’s life, although his habit started as a doctor-prescribed relief from work-related chronic back pain.

“I was addicted physically but also mentally (to opioids). It was a downhill slope. … It’s highly addictive and highly abused,” said Padgett, who said he put his wife “through a whole lot” because of his addiction.

Then last year he began using kratom, an increasingly popular herbal supplement he said helped him kick his addiction to pain pills.

“I felt normal again and my pain was gone,” said Padgett, who opened Kratom & More at 311 SE Broad St. in Murfreesboro in May.

Read more at Daily News Journal.

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