Monday, July 22

Sisolak OKs test of pot banking, bans minors buying kratom

Gov. Steve Sisolak has signed bills that test out a banking system for the state’s legal marijuana industry, ban children from buying the herbal supplement kratom and bar employers from denying someone a job because they tested positive for marijuana.

The measures were among 60 bills that the governor’s office announced Sisolak signed Wednesday.

The Democratic governor approved creating a pilot banking program in the state Treasurer’s office for the legal pot industry.

He also approved a law barring employers from denying someone a job after testing positive for marijuana. The law makes exceptions for firefighters and other workers who could impact the safety of others if they work with marijuana in their system.

Another law bans minors from buying the supplement kratom, which some claim helps ease pain but U.S. health officials have linked to overdose deaths.

Read more at the Washington Times.

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