Monday, July 22

St. Charles County pausing decision to ban Kratom, instead of looking at new regulations

The St. Charles County Council is investigating what to do about Kratom after the medical examiner says several deaths in the county are associated with the drug.

Tuesday night, the council tabled a bill that would ban the substance all together, and instead focused on a bill that would create regulations and a permit system for Kratom vendors.

“After a death, it’s the government’s responsibility to at least investigate,” explained County Executive Steve Ehlmann.

At his request, the council is taking a hard look at Kratom.

Councilman John White is the sole sponsor of the bill that would have banned Kratom and other similar products, calling it a public health emergency. But that bill is on hold.

After hearing from many members of the St. Charles County community, five other council members introduced a different bill, one that would allow the product to be sold, but with some stricter guidelines.


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