Monday, May 20

The 5 Pillars Of A Healthy Diet And The 5 Worst Fads

Some 80pc of resolutions fail by February and just 8pc of people are thought to achieve their New Year’s resolutions, studies have found. A common goal is losing weight. So why do so many people find this resolution so challenging?

Well, one of the reasons is setting out on an unsustainable path. If it’s not something you can continue to do, you’re setting yourself up to fail.

The following are particularly hazardous to health.

1. Juice Diets

Juice diets are incomplete diets. They provide carbohydrate in the form of sugar with very little vitamins and minerals as well as no fat or protein. Considering this blatant fact, juice diets are not a long-term solution.

2. Weight-loss pills

Weight-loss pills can be very unsafe. Every year there are people admitted to hospitals after becoming very unwell after consuming weight-loss pills. In a study released in 2018, 24 products containing higenamine were analyzed. The quantity of higenamine within the supplements varied significantly.

3. Weight-loss tea

The weight of a body is made up of organs, muscle, bone, fat and of course water. In fact, over half of our body is water! Weight-loss teas can cause a person to urinate more. Yes, this results in weight-loss, but not fat-loss! Some teas contain laxatives. Yes, this makes our bowels open more regularly, but this doesn’t result in fat-loss either.

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