Wednesday, December 6

What Is The Zodiac Diet? These Are The Best Foods To Stick To

Hey girl, what’s your sign? No, this isn’t a cheesy pick-up line, it’s research. If you’re anything like me, your zodiac sign is as much a priority as your blood type — aka, it’s not, really. Then again, maybe you and I are polar opposites, and checking your horoscope is like a morning ritual: brush your teeth, drink your coffee, read up on the inevitable fate the stars and planets have in store for you.

In other words, take the following suggestions with a grain of salt, but if you’re curious to find out how the stars align in order to create the ideal meals of your sign, read on.

  • An Aries Diet Is All About Convenience
  • Tauruses Take Their Time, Baby
  • You’ll Definitely Find A Gemini At A Dinner Party
  • Cancers Should Be Mindful Of Their Sensitive Stomachs
  • Leos Are Super Passionate About Their Food 

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