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Lawmakers hope to restrict use of kratom

Maryland Poison Center Medical Director Josh King told Capital News Service it would be tough to regulate kratom without ... “I wouldn’t be here right now without the use of kratom,” Shorter said. He ...
Stages of cold sore development: What to know

Stages of cold sore development: What to know

Cold sores, also known as herpes labialis, are caused by nongenital herpes simplex virus type 1. People can develop a cold sore on their lips or in their mouth. Transmission of the nongenital herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) occurs during childhood through nonsexual contact, but adults can contract the infection through sexual activity. HSV-1 hibernates inside skin cells and neurons under the skin until a trigger stimulates it. Stages of a cold sore A cold sore develops in five stages and will typically last between 9 and 12 days. Stage 1 Initially, people will feel a tingling, itching, or burning sensation underneath the skin around the mouth or base of the nose. Doctors call this the prodrome stage. Other symptoms that may occur during this stage include: malais...